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Instructions: Building a basketball court

How to build a basketball court?

Die Ballspielplatten von WARCO sind bestens geeignet, um im eigenen Garten ein Basketballfeld anzulegen. Das Spielfeld und der Ballabprall auf dem Basketball-Court erfüllen die Ansprüche von ambitionierten Basketball-Spielern.

Here you can see how easy it is to create a basketball court for children, young people or recreational athletes. These instructions are aimed both at families who want to create a basketball court in their garden and at local authorities, parents' associations, schools or sports clubs who are planning a basketball court or football pitch.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Checklist – Planning and construction of a bastketball court or small pitch
  2. CounsellorWhich floor covering for a basketball court or a small playing field?
  3. CriteriaWhat does a good floor have to offer for outdoor sports?
  4. Realisation– Simply build a new basketball court yourself!
  5. Ball game tilesWhich type is suitable for which pitch?

Checklist - Planning and construction of a bastketball court or small pitch

As always in life, when building a small pitch for basketball, football, volleyball, tennis or any other sport, good planning is half the battle.

So take some time to collate the necessary information. A simple checklist will help you to analyse.

What is the current status?
☐Paved, concreted or asphalted square
▻ Slope available and drainage works
▻ Rainwater remains in puddles

☐ Meadow, lawn or natural soil
▻ Deep - good infiltration of rainwater
▻ compacted - poor infiltration of rainwater
Where is the pitch laid out?
☐ private garden
☐ public park
☐ Public playground or sports field
☐ Schoolyard
☐ City centre square or pedestrian zone
☐ Club premises or company premises
☐ Outdoor fitness at the gym
What use is planned?
☐ Basketball court with two baskets
☐ Streetball court with a basket
☐ Football pitch or small pitch with two goals
☐ Other sports such as tennis, volleyball etc.
☐ Multifunctional use as a terrace or festival site
☐ The area is regularly used by motor vehicles
Who builds the pitch?
☐ Family in personal contribution
☐ Members through labour input
☐ Municipal building yard or company building department
☐ External service provider
How large should the field be?

☐ Dimensions: length _ _  _ _ m, width _ _  _ _ m
Special requirements
☐ there is a risk of vandalism
☐ Fire protection should be guaranteed
☐ Noise protection should be guaranteed
☐ the pitch is to be fenced in

Guide - Which flooring is suitable for a basketball court or small pitch? - Which surface is suitable for a basketball court or a small playing field?

Am Rand vom Schulhof befindet sich ein Basketballfeld aus grünen Ballspielplatten von WARCO. Nicht nur in den Pausen, sondern auch nach der Schule wird der Outdoor-Basketballplatz von jugendlichen Spielern aktiv genutzt.

There are various ways to play ball sports outdoors. The easiest way is to play on a lawn or grass area. A tarmac road or paved area is also often used. A rubber sports surface, on the other hand, is really pleasant and favourable in the long term.

In contrast to a grass pitch, a sports floor made of rubber granulate can be

  • can be used all year round and in all weather conditions.
  • do not become muddy or dusty.
  • without watering, mowing or replanting.

    And compared to a concrete or asphalt floor, the rubber floor scores points
  • durch eine versickerungsoffene und schnell trocknende Charakteristik.
  • als eine griffige, elastische Sportfläche die guten Fallschutz bietet.
  • durch geringe Investitionskosten und eine einfache Handhabung.

Criteria - What does a good floor have to offer for outdoor sports?

Ein Junge wirft den Basketball auf den Basketballkorb. Den kleinen Basketballplatz aus schwarzen Ballspielplatten von WARCO hat die Familie selbst im Garten angelegt.

In order to enjoy the court for a long time, the floor covering for the playing field should be well matched to the existing surface and the desired use. This is very easy to achieve with rubber granulate slabs, which are available in different versions as ball game slabs from WARCO.

The ball court fulfils all the requirements of a good sports facility for playing basketball in leisure time: The court offers a precisely defined ball bounce and is elasticated to protect the joints. An agile, fast basketball game is possible on the non-slip sports floor. The entire surface is water-permeable and dries quickly in damp weather. As an essential safety feature, the ball court offers good fall protection and protects players from injuries caused by falling.

With good planning and appropriate equipment, the court is of course also suitable for badminton, volleyball, football or streetball. The elasticated court can also be used for fitness or other sports.

Good reasons for
ball game tiles
from WARCO

Ballspielplatten von WARCO sind international bekannt für ihre gute Qualität und den hervorragenden Nutzungswert. Hier wurde ein Kleinspielfeld für das professionelle Fußballtraining von Nachwuchstalenten in Kenia mit Ballspielplatten von WARCO angelegt. Natürlich können auch Spielfeldmarkierungen dauerhaft auf den Ballspielplatten aus Gummigranulat aufgebracht werden.
  • for large and small, public and private playing fields
  • Can be laid permanently in a stable position on any base course using simple means
  • Outdoor and indoor - also mobile use
  • Weatherproof, frost-proof, durable

Realisation - Simply build a new basketball court yourself!

Bonded base course - Lay ball game tiles on the base course

Auf einem Kleinspielfeld, dessen Boden aus Ballspielplatten, also Gummigranulatplatten von WARCO besteht, lässt sich bei jeder Witterung und zu jeder Jahreszeit aktiv und ohne Einschränkungen spielen. Das gilt für Fußball genauso wie für Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton oder Tennis. Der Boden bietet einen guten Ballabprall, ist rutschhemmend und wasserdurchlässig.

On a bound base layer, for example a paved car park, an asphalted school playground and even on an old tartan track, WARCO ball game tiles can usually be laid directly without any further preparatory work.

The pitch must have good vertical or horizontal drainage. This is because the rubber granulate slabs should not lie in water for long periods of time. If puddles form on the future basketball court in rainy weather, these must be filled with a suitable material before the WARCO tiles are laid. Sand or gravel are unsuitable; the material floats away. In the event of minor unevenness, it is sufficient to lay sheets of roofing felt on top.

If only part of the paved area is covered with WARCO ball playing tiles, a small step will form at the edge of the playing surface. To prevent this area from becoming a stumbling edge, the open sides of the playing surface are edged all round with the RM anti-trip wedge. The anti-trip wedge is simply glued to the base layer.

Grown soil - Laying ball game tiles on an unbound base course

A small or large playing field for basketball, football, tennis, volleyball or another ball sport can also be created on a "green field", i.e. on grown or poured soil, using simple means.

In many cases, this does not even require major earthmoving. This is because when using plastic honeycomb grids as a base layer, excavation to a depth of 10 to 20 cm is often sufficient.

Ball game boards - Which type is suitable for which pitch?


Particularly low-priced
Durable & colourfast

For intensive use
EPDM or SBR in high density

Mobile use, indoor & outdoor,
good ball rebound, bound base course

Sports flooring tile BZ • 18 mmSports flooring tile BZ • 18 mmSports flooring tile Pro BZ • 18 mm

Surface size up to approx. 25 m2,
good ball rebound, bound base course

Sports flooring tile BZ • 18 mm
Sports flooring tile BZ • 18 mm
Sports flooring tile Pro BZ • 18 mm

Area size up to approx. 50 m2, soft ball rebound, bound and grid-like base course

Ball game tile TZ • 30 mmBall game tile TZ • 30 mm

Area size up to approx. 50 m2, good ball rebound, bound and lattice-like base course

Ball game tile Pro TZ • 30 mm
Ball game tile Pro TZ • 30 mm
Ball game tile Pro TZ • 30 mm

Any size of surface, good ball rebound, bound and lattice base course

Ball game tile TZ • 40 mm
Ball game tile TZ • 50 mm
Ball game tile TZ • 40 mm
Ball game tile TZ • 50 mm
Ball game tile Pro TZ • 40 mm
Ball game tile Pro TZ • 50 mm

Any area size Indoor, surface size up to approx. 300 m2 outdoor, good ball rebound, tiles without bevel - interlocking between tiles without joint bonded and grid-like base course

Sports floor CZ • 30 mm
Mit den Ballspielplatten von WARCO kann man ein vielseitig nutzbares Spielfeld anlegen. Unabhängig von der Jahreszeit und der Witterung steht die Fläche für jede sportliche Nutzung offen. Dabei kann genauso gut gebolzt, wie Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball oder Tennis gespielt werden. Das Spielfeld ist immer griffig, sauber und bietet Fallschutz.


So it really is quite easy to create an attractive basketball court for any requirement in any environment.

In many cases, the inexpensive WARCO ball game tiles can simply be laid on the existing surface. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to build up a suitable base layer.

At "WARCO Knowledge" you will find further practical information and tips for your project.

Ball game tiles from WARCO are worthwhile!

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