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Buy terrace tiles & balcony decking at low prices!

Balcony and terrace are the perfect place to really relax during the warm season. Mouldy floorboards and broken patio tiles can spoil this summer joy.

Unlike conventional floor coverings, WARCO panels remain permanently beautiful. Here in the WARCO shop you will find the right floor for your project.

4 good reasons for a WARCO floor

  • Weatherproof and frost resistant
  • Water-permeable and quick-drying
  • Easy care with self-cleaning effect
  • Easily laid for new construction or renovation

Frequently asked questions about WARCO patio and balcony slabs

Terrassenplatten und Balkonplatten sind einfach verlegbar
Can the panels be laid on roofing felt or waterproofing membrane?

This is of course possible. Before simply laying the tiles, you should check for puddles on the surface by emptying a bucket of water. If there are dents in the waterproofing, we recommend permanently levelling them out with suitably cut inserts of roofing felt.

Here you will find helpful instructions for laying on roofing felt or instruction foil!

How can I cut the panels to size?

Cutting the patio or balcony tiles is easy! For thin coverings with a thickness of 18 mm, a sharp knife guided along a stable strip is sufficient. For thicker slabs, it is best to use a circular saw with a coarsely toothed blade for Holt.

Find out more here!

Which substrate is recommended when laying a terrace in the garden?

In principle, any stable base layer is suitable for the installation of a terrace with our slabs. It is best to simply use plastic honeycomb mesh as a substrate (base layer). This can be laid by yourself without mechanical assistance. It has a load-bearing capacity of 120 to 400 t/square metre, provides ideal support, is water-permeable and can be laid without a slope. 

Laying it directly on grown soil, such as lawn or on sand, chippings or gravel, is not very durable.

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