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WARCO - universally usable fall protection with certified fall height from 90 to 300 cm (EN1177)

Discover WARCO fall protection slabs and fall protection mats - the safe choice for playgrounds, climbing walls and all areas where a shock-absorbing floor covering is an advantage.

The fall protection surfaces from WARCO are certified to EN 1177 and, with their exceptional variety of types, formats and colour designs, offer long-lasting and maintenance-free fall protection.

Fall protection slabs and fall protection mats from WARCO - a safe and economical choice

Auf grünen Fallschutzplatten mit Puzzleverzahnung steht ein kombiniertes Spielgerät mit Kletterturm, Hängebrücke und Rutsche.

Fall protection slabs and fall protection mats from WARCO stand for safety and durability. They are made from polyurethane-bonded rubber granules, which gives them lasting elasticity and special resistance.

Ideal for playgrounds and climbing walls, they minimise the risk of injury and at the same time guarantee a pleasant playing experience.

They are low-maintenance and weather-resistant, which means long-term cost savings and low maintenance.

Fall protection slabs and fall protection mats from WARCO are available in various thicknesses and formats for different fall heights. So you will always find the perfect solution for your requirements.

Technical excellence and adaptability - fall protection floors from WARCO

With fall protection slabs from WARCO, you can have a good laugh. These four cheerful girls are standing in front of a solidly built, free-standing climbing wall in the school playground. The fall protection slabs provide the prescribed fall protection on the children's playground in accordance with EN 1176.

WARCO focuses on technical excellence and adaptability in its resilient floor coverings. All fall protection slabs and fall protection mats are tested in accordance with the current EN 1177 standard and therefore offer maximum safety.

The versatility of fall protection surfaces is demonstrated by their applicability in a wide variety of environments - from public playgrounds to private garden areas. The ease of installation and the ability to be laid on imperfect surfaces without any loss of function make WARCO fall protection surfaces the first choice for safety-conscious people.

In addition, the large selection of formats, colours and drop heights offers a tailor-made solution for every project.

Fall protection from WARCO - the first choice for aesthetes and the environmentally conscious

A climbing frame on a tree with nets. Next to it, a few wooden poles with a punching bag, horizontal bar and swing.

Fall protection slabs and fall protection mats from WARCO stand not only for safety and protection, but also for aesthetics and environmental protection.

WARCO manufactures exclusive slabs with high-precision formatted dovetail joints without bevelled edges. They are in no way inferior to seamless fall protection in terms of surface appearance, but are significantly more cost-effective and offer advantages in terms of maintenance.

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of WARCO's rubber sheets is extremely positive. A particularly high proportion of secondary SBR rubber granulate (from tyre recycling), optimised supply chains and the complete recyclability of used products make WARCO a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious customers.

WARCO fall protection floors with a thickness of 30 mm to 100 mm.

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