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Fall protection tile (300 cm fall height) Fall protection tile (300 cm fall height)

Fall protection tile (300 cm fall height) FS

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WARCO's 100 mm thick fall protection slabs are an essential element for the modern, safe equipment of playgrounds and sports facilities where a shock-absorbing floor covering with a critical fall height of up to 300 cm is required.

The 100 mm thick impact protection slabs can be laid both indoors and outdoors as they are virtually odourless and permanently weather and frost resistant. They are manufactured from secondary rubber granulate, which is obtained from used tyres, in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner.

The 100 mm thick WARCO safety tiles are sustainable and cost-effective, as they can be easily laid on any load-bearing surface and have a long service life.

Unlike bark mulch or wood chips, this fall protection does not rot. It is also not played or washed away, as is the case with play sand or impact protection gravel, for example. Of course, animals will not use a play area covered with WARCO safety tiles as a toilet.

The surface of the tiles is non-slip and the tiles are well permeable to water. This means that the playing surface can be used safely even in rainy weather.

It goes without saying that a playground surfaced with WARCO safety tiles does not become muddy in rainy weather and does not become dusty in dry weather. This means that playgrounds and sports fields can be used all year round without restriction.

The WARCO panels are extremely easy to install as they are laid directly on a suitable surface, with the individual rows running half offset to each other. The connectors supplied connect each panel to the four panels of the neighbouring rows via the end faces, preventing the rows from slipping against each other.

WARCO's 100 mm thick fall protection slabs are certified to EN 1177 for a fall height of up to 300 cm.

They are a good choice for all playground operators or managers who want to be on the safe side when it comes to fall protection.

This is because these fall protection slabs reduce the risk of life-threatening head injuries up to a critical fall height of 300 cm.

Advantages of impact protection slabs with a thickness of 100 mm

  • Certified for drop heights up to 300 cm.
  • High-quality fall protection with a long service life.
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the use of rubber from used tyres.
  • Non-slip surface, safe in wet conditions.
  • Weather and frost resistant.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

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