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Buy fall protection mats for the playground at a low price

The critical fall height of WARCO's fall protection mats are tested and certified according to the specifications of the EN 1177 standard in the currently binding version of 2018. This gives the purchaser in the municipal, commercial or social sector the security of purchasing a fall protection floor that corresponds to the current state of the art.

WARCO manufactures fall protection mats and fall protection slabs in a particularly wide variety of types and colour finishes. When choosing the right fall protection for a playground, play terrace, climbing wall, play hall or any other area where the flooring needs to have shock-absorbing properties, the product finder and product advice will help you.

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Frequently asked questions about fall protection mats

What fall height do the fall protection mats protect against?

The maximum fall height at which a fall protection mat provides protection depends on the design of the fall protection mat, i.e. its thickness, elasticity and structure. Depending on the type of construction, the fall protection mat protects a fall height of 50 to a maximum of 300 cm. The maximum fall height of a safety mat is determined and certified in a design test according to EN 1177:2018.

How long do the fall protection mats last?

The expected lifespan of fall protection mats depends on the construction of the mat, the place of installation and the type and intensity of use. In a typical outdoor playground, the fall protection mats will last approximately 10 to 15 years. At the same time, fall protection mats are low-maintenance and maintenance-free. Unlike a fall protection made of poured material such as sand, gravel or wood chips, the fall protection mats cannot be blown or played away. They also do not rot or clump and do not need to be refilled or periodically replaced.

Where are the fall protection mats laid?

WARCO's fall protection mats can be laid on any permanently stable base layer (substrate under the slabs). Sand, gravel or chippings are unsuitable as a base layer. Outdoors, a base layer of plastic lawn grids is the best possible substrate and is also particularly easy and inexpensive to lay. The fall protection mats themselves are simply placed on the base layer and connected to each other using the installation system.